What is Flocover ?

Offering extra strength and durability, Flocover can be applied for multiple purposes: it can be used on wood, parquet, laminated surfaces, floor tiles, natural stone, stairs, carpet surfaces, and exteriors.

The non-slip feature allows it to prevent unfavorable accidents beforehand, as it can easily remain smooth and wrinkle-free on the surface on which it is laid. While providing safe use, it offers both time and cost savings as it is easy to carry and apply, can be produced quickly, has less waste, and can be used repeatedly. The high absorbency and liquid-proof structure allow it to protect the floor against the risk of spillage of paint and liquid materials on the surface it covers. The scratch resistance allows the Flocover floor protection cover to protect the surface from chemicals, damage from pointed and edged materials. Through its breathable feature, Flocover also prevents damages that may occur due to the humid environment on the ground surfaces.


Full control of production

Customer happiness

Strong Customer pleasure Team

Extra Strong and Durable

Repetitive Usage

Saving time



Ease of Use

High Liquid Absorbency

Safe Use

High Absorbency and Paint Proof

Usage Area Diversity

Safe Floor Protection



Construction and renovation applications
Exhibitions, etc. mass use areas
Ceramic Tile, Natural Stone etc. surfaces
Meeting halls
Laminated surfaces
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